Relief Ahead

They met in the kitchen at the heirloom oak table. It's where all the family meetings took place, everything that was important as well as things of no consequence. As a family with three children, now grown, they had gathered around that table to share their stories of the day, their concerns about the economy, and for the crop that was to be harvested early next summer. Often times, lively banter went back and forth about the local basketball team -- would they put another feather in their cap by winning this year's state championship? There was always something to discuss at the table.

It was time again to sit down and talk. Jim and Nancy called their funeral director to come to the house. They had some decisions to make.

It was actually a simple matter, it just took some thought and planning. Jim and Nancy had been thinking about that day when they would pass from this world; they were ready to set a plan in motion. They wanted to make sure that their children would not have to worry about the arrangements of the service such as where it was to be held, and that Jim wanted "Nearer My God to Thee" sung at his service. Nancy wanted to make sure that the rolling pin that her grandmother had given her was passed down to her granddaughter, Sarah, who so loved to be in the kitchen with her when she was baking. Nancy also wanted her blue ribbon Apple pie to be served at the reception. They each decided on a traditional funeral service at their church, followed by a reception at their home; a burial plot was chosen at the top of the hill in the cemetery providing a peaceful setting for their final resting place.

They were able to select their caskets and outer burial containers, discussed the minister, music, pictures, etc. They also talked about prepayment options. They were able to select a funeral service that would have great personal meaning to them. The service would celebrate them as individuals and their unique lives.

Jim and Nancy let out a sigh of relief. They had made choices about their funerals that were meaningful to them and to their children. Then they felt a sense of calm knowing that they had a plan for that day in the future. Their children would not have to worry, or wonder what Jim and Nancy had really wanted for their final celebration. They confirmed with their funeral director that all they discussed would be on file and available to their children to look at any time they wanted.

Jim and Nancy did what many people are doing today; they Pre-Planned their own funerals. Pre-Planning describes the process of planning a funeral ahead of the immediate need. Usually, in the Pre-Planning process, you decide on the type of service you want, where it is to be held, and who will preside at the event. We will walk you through the many considerations should you like us to help you. In addition, we can provide some structure or suggestions. Once all your thoughts, ideas and wishes have been discussed and written down, a copy will be given to you, and one will remain at the funeral home. We will provide copies for you to give your family, if you choose, so that they will know about your funeral decisions. All information and Pre-Planning is confidential, and will only be shared with those that you designate.