Our community is rich with traditions, and yet things change around us all of the time. It has been our experience that many of our families prefer a traditional funeral service. There is comfort in the familiar way of doing things. We try to keep you in your comfort zone with any service that we offer. However, we are aware that families need personal touches incorporated into any service, and some families want unique things included within the traditional framework.

A New View

Many of the families that we serve gravitate toward classical traditions. However, people are feeling free to find ways to express their love, appreciation, and to even find a sense of humor about their deceased. In our funeral home, we honor your vision of your loved one's funeral, memorial service, or life celebration. Whatever type of service you choose, whatever faith or philosophy you embrace, we are happy to see that your wishes are honored.

Traditional Funeral Service

Once we have been notified of your loved one's death, we will help you decide the type of service you want to hold and where it will be held. Traditional funeral services usually begin with a visitation of your loved one followed a few hours later or, a day later, by a service at your place of worship, or in our home. There is also the option of closing a service with a graveside burial or ashes scattering. These time-honored customs give families a sense of meaning when closing the chapter of a loved one's life.

To meet the needs of all our families we offer several options for burial. Most people have a special request. Maybe you would like to have included in the casket a piece of jewelry, pictures or other personal items . Some have decided that they would like to be cremated. They choose containers that are meaningful to the family, such as an heirloom vase or jar, and ashes are placed there. Some people choose to have their ashes remain with the family some way, rather than be buried or scattered. It is all up to you, and we want to help you find the most fitting burial option. Our hope is that the memory of your loved one continues as a part of your life.

Memorial or Life Celebration Service

At a Memorial service or Life Celebration, the casket is not typically present, and the service can take place either prior to burial or cremation or after. Cremation can be done prior to or after the funeral service. Once this process has been completed, the remains are often placed in a memorial urn or special container. The urn may be buried in a family gravesite. Or, some families choose to scatter the ashes in a place that is meaningful to them or to the deceased. These services may be with or without a visitation, and the commemoration can be held at any location -- a church, a riverside, a park or your home.

Choosing a Casket or Urn

In most funeral homes, a room is designated as the 'selection room'. This is a dedicated room filled with caskets. You have the opportunity to look at them all and make a decision about the type of casket you wish to purchase. We found this experience is difficult for most people. Therefore, we present the many casket or urn options with state-of-the-art technology. We have an extensive selection that will fit any budget. We are proud of the unique service that we offer.